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.oil in canvas
We know that,the earth evolved into what today,
and its evolution continues.
 He suffered cataclysms,tsunamis,volcanic modelled
the deep valleys of today.
 Progressive cooling,other elements involved,Rain,Snow,Wind,Earthquake,snow and fire at a time.
 Gradually everything was quieting,rivers were formed,
the Sky cleared...
 Life had begun,the tiny fish,plants  and enters the scene "Man"
From man through its activity,the earth,he suffered
another transformation,a new Chaos.
The molded for comfort,for it relies on geometry,
come Lines,Curves,and the first farmhouses and we see it and now the big cities,born Constructivism.
Therefore it is said that "man" is the Geometry,the Reason,the Order.
 The evolving nature and man together,not always harmoniosly.
 It is a babble between them,is sometimes interpreted
by artists,
This work is my Interpretation.
Art is superior to nature?
Some have thougth so,it was ,and this has been taken
 as a real desecration.
 Others have expressed the idea that what nature does nothing but babble,what makes arts.
Are those using nature only makes as a model.
And finally we consider art as an independent  work,
which exists and subsists by itself.
 What usually happens is that sometimes we use the same laws that nature uses,and that make.
 We combine our imagination,and that happened in this picture,try to represent the interwined that we can be,
cultural,social,extructurally humans.